Sunday, November 1, 2009

LIVING WELL in PHILLY event (Philadelphia, PA)

Launching a LIVING WELL in PHILLY event. I will be writing LIVING WILL's for FREE tba. If you are interested in signing up for LIVING WELL in PHILLY - Send me an email!

Remember - Terri Schiavo - Don't let that be you. Ms. Schiavo had a cardiac arrest on February 25, 1990 which resulted in extensive brain damage and a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state (PVS). She was connected to a feeding tube on February 25, 1990 and disconnected by court order on March 18, 2005 - 15 years later. Ms. Schiavo did not have a living will.

Tell your loved ones what medical care that you would like if you are ever incapacitated by a stroke, accident or other calamity.

Please let me know if your interested in signing up for LIVING WELL in PHILLY.

Thank you.

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