Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foreclosure - Don't Panic & Don't Get Scammed!

If it's too good to be true, that means it is not true and you are about to be scammed. Hundreds of "foreclosure rescue companies" are aggressively marketing homeowners that are in jeopardy of losing their home to foreclosure. These companies obtain your personal information from public records and deliberately prey on you when you are at your weakest.

They will pull you in by say things like:
1. "Don't worry, you'll get your deed back in no time"
2. "We'll buy your house right now - but just temporarily , of course"
3. "We'll the mortgage payments for you"

They are selling snake oil and I advise you not to believe their lies...

You are much better off contacting a nonprofit housing counseling agency for "FREE."
They will help you for "FREE" and do that exact same thing.

Contact a nonprofit housing counseling agency in your area for "FREE" advice on foreclosure solutions.