Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Will It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

If you choose us as your Attorney, we have a flat fee for an uncontested Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Almost all bankruptcies are uncontested. However, there can be additional fees under some rare circumstances.

Our flat fee is $1,4000 for a single uncontested bankruptcy petition and $1,600 for a joint uncontested petition. Chapter 7 court costs are presently $299. Your total cost is $1,699.00, but this can change. Chapter 13 court costs are $274. Attorney fees in a Chapter 13 are approximately $2,400. Attorney fees in a Chapter 13 are paid as you pay payments and are set by the court.

We DO charge for filing any adversary proceeding to discharge student loans, recover garnishments, or avoid a judicial lien filed on your property. These problems are rare but, you should always check to make sure you have not been sued and that you have no liens on your home.

We also charge a small fee if you need to file motions or proceedings to redeem property or to avoid judicial liens on real property (such motions are not included in the fees charged by us in filing an uncontested bankruptcy). Removing a judicial lien requires an additional hearing, motion, and a real estate appraisal requiring more legal work than a standard bankruptcy. A bankruptcy can get rid of a judicial lien (such as a lien resulting from a lawsuit or tax lien), but you must ask us to remove any lien before the bankruptcy is discharged and give us a copy of any such lien, your deed, and an appraisal. If you don’t tell us about it we can’t remove it.

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