Sunday, September 20, 2009

What documents do I need to file Bankruptcy?

Required Supporting Documents

1. A certificate of Approved Credit Counseling prior to filing;
2. Evidence of income for the prior 6 months so that your income can be
averaged including the last 60 days of pay stubs together this is a total of
the prior 7 months. Also this is household income not just your income even
if your spouse is not filing;
3. At least 6 prior months of bank statements, loan dates for secured debts;
4. A detailed list of personal property;
5. Past utility or medical bills;
6. Statement of monthly net income and any anticipated increase in income or
expenses after filing;
7. Court Orders if you have child support or Alimony obligations including the
address of the person you pay. Proof that you are up to date on your
domestic support obligations alimony child support;
8. Copies of your Deeds and Mortgages showing time stamped date of when it was
9. Bank statements for accounts which you have an interest or signature
authority on the date you file. Tell your attorney if you are on someone
else’s bank account, car title or property;
10. Titles to all vehicles, jet skis, trailers or boats titled in your name
(again tell your attorney if you are on someone else’s car);
11. Proof of full coverage insurance if you have a loan on your car;
12. Photo Id and Social Security Card;
13. The last four years of tax returns, not your copy, the transcript from the
IRS which takes time and money to get; plus tax returns filed during the
case. If you have not filed returns you cannot file. Often we will get
these for you if you don’t have them but you must sign papers allowing us to
get them for you.

By no means is this a conclusive list of required documents but this will certainly get the ball rolling in your bankruptcy case.

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